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The Impact of Physician Social Media Behavior on Patient Trust

Javad J. Fatollahi, James A. Colbert, Priyanka Agarwal, Joy L. Lee, Eliyahu Y. Lehmann, Neal Yuan, Lisa Soleymani Lehmann & Katherine C. Chretien

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When Do Pediatricians Call the Ethics Consultation Service? Impact of Clinical Experience and Formal Ethics Training

Mark C. Navin, Jason Adam Wasserman, Susanna Jain, Katie R. Baughman & Naomi T. Laventhal

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First Do No Harm: Ethical Concerns of Health Researchers That Discourage the Sharing of Results With Research Participants

Rachel S. Purvis, Christopher R. Long, Leah R. Eisenberg, D. Micah Hester, Thomas V. Cunningham, Angel Holland, Harish E. Chatrathi & Pearl A. McElfish

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Informed Consent in Two Alzheimer’s Disease Research Centers: Insights From Research Coordinators

Christine M. Suver, Jennifer K. Hamann, Erin M. Chin, Felicia C. Goldstein, Hanna M. Blazel, Cecelia M. Manzanares, Megan J. Doerr, Sanjay J. Asthana, Lara M. Mangravite, Allan I. Levey, James J. Lah & Dorothy F. Edwards

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Ethics Review in Anti-Doping Research: Experiences of Stakeholders

Thijs Devriendt, Virginia Sanchini & Pascal Borry

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Is Real-Time ELSI Realistic?

John M. Conley, Anya E.R Prince, Arlene M. Davis, Jean Cadigan & Gabriel Lazaro-Munoz

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