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Military Doctors and Deaths by Torture: When a Witness Becomes an Accessory
Steven H. Miles

The Medical Practitioner Tribunal Service in the United Kingdom recently revoked a physician’s license for failing to report treating a man who had been tortured and for failing to safeguard vulnerable detainees. The physician was serving with the UK military in Afghanistan. Baha Mousa, a prisoner, was brought to him with extensive signs of severe physical trauma. Soldiers told him that the ...

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Target Article

Ban the Sunset? Nonpropositional Content and Regulation of Pharmaceutical Advertising
Paul Biegler & Patrick Vargas

The risk that direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription pharmaceuticals (DTCA) may increase inappropriate medicine use is well recognized. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration addresses this concern by subjecting DTCA content to strict scrutiny. Its strictures are, however, heavily focused on the explicit claims made in commercials, what we term their “propositional content.” Yet researc...

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The Right to Know Your Genetic Parents: From Open-Identity Gamete Donation to Routine Paternity Testing
An Ravelingien & Guido Pennings

Over the years a number of countries have abolished anonymous gamete donation and shifted toward open-identity policies. Donor-conceived children are said to have a fundamental “right to know” the identity of their donor. In this article, we trace the arguments that underlie this claim and question its implications. We argue that, given the status attributed to the right to know one’s ga...

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