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A Technological Fix for the Self? How Neurotechnologies Shape Who We Are and Whom We Love
Felicitas Kraemer

The target articles in this volume tackle two of the most fundamental human questions: What does it mean to love another person? And what is human identity? However, they do so from a unique perspective: they analyze the extent to which neurotechnologies have an impact on our understanding of who we are and whom we love. […] ...

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Target Article

Brave New Love: The Threat of High-Tech “Conversion” Therapy and the Bio-Oppression of Sexual Minorities
Brian D. Earp, Anders Sandberg & Julian Savulescu

Our understanding of the neurochemical bases of human love and attachment, as well as of the genetic, epigenetic, hormonal, and experiential factors that conspire to shape an individual’s sexual orientation, is increasing exponentially. This research raises the vexing possibility that we may one day be equipped to modify such variables directly, allowing for the creation of “high-tech” c...

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Thinking Ahead on Deep Brain Stimulation: An Analysis of the Ethical Implications of a Developing Technology
Veronica Johansson, Martin Garwicz, Martin Kanje , Lena Halldenius & Jens Schouenborg

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a developing technology. New generations of DBS technology are already in the pipeline, yet this particular fact has been largely ignored among ethicists interested in DBS. Focusing only on ethical concerns raised by the current DBS technology is, albeit necessary, not sufficient. Since current bioethical concerns raised by a specific technology could be quite diffe...

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