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Deep Brain Stimulation for Psychopaths—A No Brainer
Robin Mackenzie

Hübner and White’s thought-provoking scenario rests on a unified conception of psychopathy, a reliance upon subjective suffering and individual medical benefit as grounds to justify ethical treatment/research participation, and an assertion that, as psychopathic prisoners do not experience individual suffering which they attribute to psychopathy, they are by definition unable to provide val...

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Target Article

Neurosurgery for Psychopaths? An Ethical Analysis
Dietmar Hübner & Lucie White

Recent developments in neuroscience have inspired proposals to perform deep brain stimulation on psychopathic detainees. We contend that these proposals cannot meet important ethical requirements that hold for both medical research and therapy. After providing a rough overview of key aspects of psychopathy and the prospects of tackling this condition via deep brain stimulation, we proceed to an et...

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