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tDCS Research in a World With FDA Regulation
Patricia J. Zettler

Wexler and Hamilton’s editorial on crowdsourced transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) research discusses the potential for such research to produce scientifically valuable information, the methodological obstacles to it actually doing so, and related ethical concerns. For example, a central concern is that because of the variability in the devices themselves and in what individuals ...

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Ethics, Ethicists, and Professional Organizations in the Neurological Sciences
Tabitha Moses & Judy Illes

With the evolving nature of neuroscience discovery and the increasing number of professional organizations that focus on the neurological sciences, we argue that a coordinated effort to organize ethicists with specialized expertise is needed for them. To support this case, we look to the representation of ethicists across professional organizations, and to the current status of ethics representati...

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Ethical and Legal Concerns Associated With the Comprehension of Legal Language and Concepts
Joseph Wszalek

Because numerous standards and ethics rules underscore the importance of language and communication within the legal process, the inability to successfully comprehend legal language is a pressing concern, particularly because many populations that are overrepresented within legal systems typically show problems with language and communication. In order to better describe the nexus between language...

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