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Ethical Conditions for Transnational Gestational Surrogacy in Asia
Darryl Macer

The provision of goods and services between people of different ethnicities, economic conditions, and cultures is one of the facts of modern life, in a form of transnationalism that shapes the mundialization of cultures. In any relationship there is the risk of exploitation, and there are constant claims of exploitation between the richer and poorer countries of the world. Does that prohibit trade...

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Fostering IRB Collaboration for Review of International Research
Francis Barchi, Megan Kasimatis Singleton & Jon F. Merz

This article presents a review of the literature, summarizes current initiatives, and provides a heuristic for assessing the effectiveness of a range of institutional review board (IRB) collaborative strategies that can reduce the regulatory burden of ethics review while ensuring protection of human subjects, with a particular focus on international research. Broad adoption of IRB collaborative st...

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Transnational Gestational Surrogacy: Does It Have to Be Exploitative?
Jeffrey Kirby

This article explores the controversial practice of transnational gestational surrogacy and poses a provocative question: Does it have to be exploitative? Various existing models of exploitation are considered and a novel exploitation-evaluation heuristic is introduced to assist in the analysis of the potentially exploitative dimensions/elements of complex health-related practices. On the basis of...

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