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Observations on the Nature and Extent of Injustice in the American Prison System
Ben A. Rich

The degree of civilization in a society can be judged by entering its prisons. (Fyodor Dostoevsky)   Jotterand and Wangmo’s (2014) reconsideration of the principle of equivalence in prison medicine concludes with a refreshing call for realism. A realistic assessment of the circumstances of prisoners, particularly in the United States, which is the focus of this commentary, clearly indic...

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The Principle of Equivalence Reconsidered: Assessing the Relevance of the Principle of Equivalence in Prison Medicine
Fabrice Jotterand & Tenzin Wangmo

In this article we critically examine the principle of equivalence of care in prison medicine. First, we provide an overview of how the principle of equivalence is utilized in various national and international guidelines on health care provision to prisoners. Second, we outline some of the problems associated with its applications, and argue that the principle of equivalence should go beyond equi...

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Therapeutic, Prophylactic, Untoward, and Contraceptive Effects of Combined Oral Contraceptives: Catholic Teaching, Natural Law, and the Principle of Double Effect When Deciding to Prescribe and Use
Murray Joseph Casey & Todd A. Salzman

Combined oral contraceptives (COC) have been demonstrated to have significant benefits for the treatment and prevention of disease. These medications also are associated with untoward health effects, and they may be directly contraceptive. Prescribers and users must compare and weigh the intended beneficial health effects against foreseeable but unintended possible adverse effects in their decisio...

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