Vol. 14 No. 1 | January 2014

Vol. 14 No. 1 | January 2014

ISBN: 1526-5161

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As clinical ethics consultants move toward professionalization, the process of certifying individual consultants or accrediting programs will be discussed and debated. With certification, some entity must be established or ordained to oversee the standards and procedures. If the process evolves like other professions, it seems plausible that it will eventually include a written examination to eval...

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Open Peer Commentary

Connecting Certification and Education Toby Schonfeld, Cory Labrecque & Hugh Stoddard
Same Goal, Different Path Adam Peña, Courtenay R. Bruce & Mary A. Majumder
Toward a Model That Encourages the Recruitment of Ethics Consultants With Clinical Experience Rogelio Altisent, Maria Teresa Delgado-Marroquín & Nieves Martín-Espildora
Examining Methods to Assess Core Knowledge Competencies: A Canadian Perspective Barbara Secker, Cécile Bensimon, Cheryl Cline, Dianne Godkin, Ann Heesters & Kevin Reel