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Clinical Ethics Consultation: A Need for Evidence
David Magnus

Many aspects of health care rest on an insufficient bedrock of evidence. Much of clinical practice involves choices between treatment options, but an absence of evidence to make a decision. This often results in variation in practice by training, geography, and by many other exogenous factors (including the influence of drug detailers, direct to consumer advertising, and small gifts). A great deal...

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Ethical Obligations and Clinical Goals in End-of-Life Care: Deriving a Quality-of-Life Construct Based on the Islamic Concept of Accountability Before God (Taklīf)
Aasim Padela & Afshan Mohiuddin

End-of-life medical decision making presents a major challenge to patients and physicians alike. In order to determine whether it is ethically justifiable to forgo medical treatment in such scenarios, clinical data must be interpreted alongside patient values, as well as in light of the physician’s ethical commitments. Though much has been written about this ethical issue from religious pers...

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Neglected Ends: Clinical Ethics Consultation and the Prospects for Closure
Autumn Fiester

Clinical ethics consultations (CECs) are sometimes deemed complete at the moment when the consultants make a recommendation. In CECs that involve actual ethical conflict, this view of a consult’s endpoint runs the risk of overemphasizing the conflict’s resolution at the expense of the consult’s process, which can have deleterious effects on the various parties in the conflict. Th...

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