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Rethinking the Rescue Paradigm
Kayhan Parsi

A little girl gets caught in a well and first responders spend hours trying to rescue her. Miners in Chile get trapped for months after a mining accident and are eventually saved. Both events riveted the attention of millions of people. The narrative of rescuing people in dire situations is a powerful and pervasive one. It not only animates much of popular media and culture, but it also undergirds...

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Collectivizing Rescue Obligations in Bioethics
Jeremy R. Garrett

Bioethicists invoke a duty to rescue in a wide range of cases. Indeed, arguably, there exists an entire medical paradigm whereby vast numbers of medical encounters are treated as rescue cases. The intuitive power of the rescue paradigm is considerable, but much of this power stems from the problematic way that rescue cases are conceptualized—namely, as random, unanticipated, unavoidable, interpe...

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Ritual Male Infant Circumcision and Human Rights
Allan J. Jacobs & Kavita Shah Arora

Opponents of male circumcision have increasingly used human rights positions to articulate their viewpoint. We characterize the meaning of the term “human rights.” We discuss these human rights arguments with special attention to the claims of rights to an open future and to bodily integrity. We offer a three-part test under which a parental decision might be considered an unacceptable violati...

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