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Ruffling a Few Feathers
Richard R. Sharp

In this issue of the journal Robert Sparrow (2015) considers some of the most sacred of ideas in bioethics. Among other things, his article revisits critiques of negative eugenics, questions the inherent value of human biological diversity, and suggests that common intuitions about disability have lead us astray in thinking about ethical dimensions of prenatal genetic testing. […] ...

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Target Article

Imposing Genetic Diversity
Robert Sparrow

The idea that a world in which everyone was born “perfect” would be a world in which something valuable was missing often comes up in debates about the ethics of technologies of prenatal testing and preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). This thought plays an important role in the “disability critique” of prenatal testing. However, the idea that human genetic variation is an important go...

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U.S. Complicity and Japan's Wartime Medical Atrocities: Time for a Response
Katrien Devolder

Shortly before and during the Second World War, Japanese doctors and medical researchers conducted large-scale human experiments in occupied China that were at least as gruesome as those conducted by Nazi doctors. Japan never officially acknowledged the occurrence of the experiments, never tried any of the perpetrators, and never provided compensation to the victims or issued an apology. Building ...

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