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Preventive Genomic Sequencing in the General Population: Do PGS Fly?
Mildred K. Cho

Twelve years after the National Human Genome Research Institute and the Department of Energy announced the completion of the Human Genome Project, the technological capabilities that grew from the project have now led to a debate about the ethical uses of the vast amounts of genomic data that can be collected and analyzed from individuals. These new capabilities have raised the possibility of “p...

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Target Article

Looking for Trouble: Preventive Genomic Sequencing in the General Population and the Role of Patient Choice
Gabriel Lázaro-Muñoz, John M. Conley, Arlene M. Davis, Marcia Van Riper, Rebecca L. Walker & Eric T. Juengst

Advances in genomics have led to calls for developing population-based preventive genomic sequencing (PGS) programs with the goal of identifying genetic health risks in adults without known risk factors. One critical issue for minimizing the harms and maximizing the benefits of PGS is determining the kind and degree of control individuals should have over the generation, use, and handling of their...

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Futility in Chronic Anorexia Nervosa: A Concept Whose Time Has Not Yet Come
Cynthia M. A. Geppert

Comparatively little scholarly attention has been given to the question of futility in chronic psychiatric disorders, with the exception of a small body of work on so-called end-stage anorexia nervosa (AN). A review of this literature provides the background for a critical examination of whether the concept of futility has any clinically meaningful, ethically justifiable, and legally defensible ap...

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