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Persistent Problems in Death and Dying
David Magnus

Death and dying have been mainstream topics in bioethics since its emergence as an academic field. Technology continues to challenge our concepts of a good death and how to draw the line between life and death. This issue of AJOB features two Target Articles and numerous commentaries on death and dying. Overby and colleagues discuss important informed consent issues that arise in organ procurement...

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Target Article

Addressing Consent Issues in Donation After Circulatory Determination of Death
Kim J. Overby, Michael S. Weinstein & Autumn Fiester

Given the widening gap between the number of individuals on transplant waiting lists and the availability of donated organs, as well as the recent plateau in donations based on neurological criteria (i.e., brain death), there has been a growing interest in expanding donation after circulatory determination of death. While the prevalence of this form of organ donation continues to increase, many th...

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The Texas Advanced Directive Law: Unfinished Business
Michael Kapottos & Stuart Youngner

The Texas Advance Directive Act allows physicians and hospitals to overrule patient or family requests for futile care. Purposefully not defining futility, the law leaves its determination in specific cases to an institutional process. While the law has received several criticisms, it does seem to work constructively in the cases that come to the review process. We introduce a new criticism: While...

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