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Shining Light on Conflicts of Interest
Craig Klugman

Chimonas, DeVito and Rothman offer a descriptive target article that examines physicians’ knowledge of and reaction to the Sunshine Act’s Open Payments Database. This program is a federal computer repository of all payments and goods with a worth over $10 made from pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers to physicians. Created under the 2010 Affordable Care Act, the goal of t...

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Target Article

Bringing Transparency to Medicine: Exploring Physicians' Views and Experiences of the Sunshine Act
Susan Chimonas, Nicholas J. DeVito & David J. Rothman

The Physician Payments Sunshine Act (PPSA) requires health care product manufacturers to report to the federal government payments more than $10 to physicians. Bringing unprecedented transparency to medicine, PPSA holds great potential for enabling medical stakeholders to manage conflicts of interest (COI) and build patient trust—crucial responsibilities of medical professionalism. The authors c...

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When Respecting Autonomy Is Harmful: A Clinically Useful Approach to the Nocebo Effect
John T. Fortunato, Jason Adam Wasserman & Daniel Londyn Menkes

Nocebo effects occur when an adverse effect on the patient arises from the patient’s own negative expectations. In accordance with informed consent, providers often disclose information that results in unintended adverse outcomes for the patient. While this may adhere to the principle of autonomy, it violates the doctrine of “primum non nocere,” given that side-effect disclosure may caus...

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