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We Can and Must Rebuild the Bridges of Interdisciplinary Bioethics
Darryl R. J. Macer

Although we can argue that bioethics is holistic and found in every culture, and still alive among people of many indigenous communities as well as the postmodern ones, the academic discipline of bioethics as interpreted by many scholars has attempted to burn bridges to both different views and to persons with different life trajectories and training. The bridges between different cultural and epi...

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A Bridge Back to the Future: Public Health Ethics, Bioethics, and Environmental Ethics
Lisa M. Lee

Contemporary biomedical ethics and environmental ethics share a common ancestry in Aldo Leopold’s and Van Rensselaer Potter’s initial broad visions of a connected biosphere. Over the past five decades, the two fields have become strangers. Public health ethics, a new subfield of bioethics, emerged from the belly of contemporary biomedical ethics and has evolved over the past 25 years....

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Now is the Time for a Postracial Medicine: Biomedical Research, the National Institutes of Health, and the Perpetuation of Scientific Racism
Javier Perez-Rodriguez & Alejandro de la Fuente

The consideration of racial differences in the biology of disease and treatment options is a hallmark of modern medicine. However, this time-honored medical tradition has no scientific basis, and the premise itself, that is, the existence of biological differences between the commonly known races, is false inasmuch as races are only sociocultural constructions. It is time to rid medical research o...

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