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Aligning Research Priorities to Improve Equity: A Challenge for Health Funders
Alonzo L. Plough

In their paper, “Health Research Priority setting: The Duties of Individual Funders,” Pierson and Millum raise an important set of ethical questions of great relevance to grant making organizations. What values and implicit prioritizations guide which research topics we chose to fund? How do we balance our duty to our organization and its goals and mission with the need for knowledge generated...

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One Health, Bioethics, and Nonhuman Ethics
Simon Coghlan & Benjamin Coghlan

Several recent calls have been made for bioethics to grapple seriously with varieties of “nonhuman ethics,” including animal ethics and environmental ethics. Bioethics traditionally treats clinical and research ethics, and apart from animal experimentation, nonhuman ethics is often seen as outside its purview. Some hope this will change. Lisa Lee argued recently in the American Journal of Bio...

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Target Article

Health Research Priority Setting: The Duties of Individual Funders
Leah Pierson & Joseph Millum

The vast majority of health research resources are used to study conditions that affect a small, advantaged portion of the global population. This distribution has been widely criticized as inequitable and threatens to exacerbate health disparities. However, there has been little systematic work on what individual health research funders ought to do in response. In this article, we analyze the gen...

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Just Policy? An Ethical Analysis of Early Intervention Policy Guidance
Ibrahim Garba, Leila Barraza & Elizabeth Hall-Lipsy

Early intervention (EI) aims to identify children or families at risk of poor health, and take preventative measures at an early stage, when intervention is more likely to succeed. EI is concerned with the just distribution of “life chances,” so that all children are given fair opportunity to realize their potential and lead a good life; EI policy design, therefore, invokes ethical questions a...

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