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Recollections of Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross at the University of Chicago (1965–70)
Mark Siegler

Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross graduated from the University of Zurich Medical School, did her residency training at several hospitals in New York City, and then did fellowship training in psychiatry at the University of Colorado. On completing fellowship training, she stayed on as a faculty psychiatrist at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. In 1965, she was recruited to the University of ...

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Fifty Years Later: Reflections on the Work of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross M.D.
Barbara Ross Rothweiler & Ken Ross

In the coming year, we celebrate the 50th publication anniversary of On Death and Dying, by Elisabeth Kübler Ross M.D. As her children, we are privileged that she is remembered, that we continue to hear her voice in the voices of others, and that we had the opportunity to learn from such a compassionate teacher and example. We appreciate the opportunity to share some thoughts about her work and...

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Everything I Really Needed to Know to Be a Clinical Ethicist, I Learned From Elisabeth Kübler-Ross*
Mark G. Kuczewski

I analyze the insights present in Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’s seminal work, On Death and Dying that have laid the foundation for contemporary clinical bioethics as it is practiced by clinical ethics consultants. I highlight the landmark insight of Elisabeth Kübler-Ross that listening to dying patients reveals their needs and enables them to enjoy a better death. But more important for contempora...

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Psychotherapy at the End of Life
Rebecca M. Saracino, Barry Rosenfeld, William Breitbart & Harvey Max Chochinov

Dr. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross is credited as one of the first clinicians to formalize recommendations for working with patients with advanced medical illnesses. In her seminal book, On Death and Dying, she identified a glaring gap in our understanding of how people cope with death, both on the part of the terminally ill patients that face death and as the clinicians who care for these patients. Now,...

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The Inner Lives of Doctors: Physician Emotion in the Care of the Seriously Ill
Julie Childers & Bob Arnold

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’ seminal 1969 work, On Death and Dying, opened the door to understanding individuals’ emotional experiences with serious illness and dying. Patient’s emotions, however, are only half the story in the patient-physician relationship. In recent years physicians’ emotional reactions have gotten more attention. These sometimes-unacknowledged emotions influence how we appr...

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