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Multiple Marginalizations: What Bioethics Can Learn From Black Feminism
Amal W. Cheema, Karen M. Meagher & Richard R. Sharp

Increasing the visibility of marginalized voices is fundamental to bioethics. Toward this end, various feminist and critical-race theories have provided insights into the experience of disability and illness. Yet as individual frameworks, each of these theoretical vantage points can fall short in capturing lived experiences shaped by multiple marginalizations. The rise of intersectionality as a th...

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Ethical Guidelines for DNA Testing in Migrant Family Reunification
Nita Farahany, Saheel Chodavadia & Sara H. Katsanis

In the summer of 2018, U.S. Customs and Border Protection Officers removed more than 2600 migrant children from their families at the United States–Mexico border. The rationale behind the separations ranged from the criminal prosecution of illegally entering adults accompanying the children to uncertainty over the true relationships between the adults and children. By July, the U.S. government a...

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Intersectionality in Clinical Medicine: The Need for a Conceptual Framework
Yolonda Wilson, Amina White, Akilah Jefferson, Marion Danis

Intersectionality has become a significant intellectual approach for those thinking about the ways that race, gender, and other social identities converge in order to create unique forms of oppression. Although the initial work on intersectionality addressed the unique position of black women relative to both black men and white women, the concept has since been expanded to address a range of soci...

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Transgender Children and the Right to Transition: Medical Ethics When Parents Mean Well but Cause Harm
Maura Priest

In this article, I argue that (1) transgender adolescents should have the legal right to access puberty-blocking treatment (PBT) without parental approval, and (2) the state has a role to play in publicizing information about gender dysphoria. Not only are transgender children harmed psychologically and physically via lack of access to PBT, but PBT is the established standard of care. Given that w...

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