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Brain Neoplasm and the Potential Impact on Self-Identity

Lisa Anderson-Shaw, Gaston Baslet & J. Lee Villano

Cancers of the brain can cause alterations in a person’s neurocognitive abilities, and in some patients can even challenge their concept of self and self-identity. Cancer treatment may offer some hope for longer survival, but residual neurocognitive alterations generally remain. Individualized care for these patients should include information related to anticipated effects of their disease ...

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Neurotechnologies that are currently applied to treat a range of neurological and psychiatric diseases were found to have a number of positive side effects on cognitive functioning in healthy individuals. Consequently, these neurotechnologies could in theory be used for cognitive enhancement purposes, for instance, the improvement of eyewitness memory. Improving the process of collecting eyewitnes...

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Integration Under Negotiation Daniel Z. Buchman, Wayne Skinner & Judy Illes

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