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Enhancing Neuroethics
Paul Root Wolpe


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Brain Branding: When Neuroscience and Commerce Collide
Bree Chancellor & Anjan Chatterjee

Products that align themselves with basic and clinical neurosciences do well in the market. There are reasons to be wary about such “brain branding” when commercial interests threaten to compromise scientific and clinical values. We describe three concerns. The first, exemplified in drug development and dissemination, is of the insidious effects of blurred boundaries between academia and indus...

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Deflating the Neuroenhancement Bubble
Jayne C. Lucke, Stephanie Bell, Brad Partridge & Wayne D. Hall

This article questions the evidence base for some commonly accepted assumptions among bioethicists about the prevalence of neuroenhancement among college students and the degree to which putative neuroenhancers in fact enhance cognitive functioning. We argue that the evidence on the prevalence of stimulant drug use does not support bioethicists’ claims that neuroenhancement use of these drugs is...

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The Impact of American Tackle Football-Related Concussion in Youth Athletes
Frédéric Gilbert & L. Syd M. Johnson

Postmortem research on the brains of American tackle football players has revealed the presence of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative brain disease caused by repeated head trauma. Repeated concussion is a risk factor for CTE, raising ethical concerns about the long-term effects of concussion on athletes at risk for football-related concussion. Of equal concern is that youth ath...

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“Virtue Engineering” and Moral Agency: Will Post-Humans Still Need the Virtues?
Fabrice Jotterand

It is not the purpose of this article to evaluate the techno-scientific claims of the transhumanists. Instead, I question seriously the nature of the ethics and morals they claim can, or soon will, be manipulated artificially. I argue that while the possibility to manipulate human behavior via emotional processes exists, the question still remains concerning the content of morality. In other words...

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