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Factors Associated with Quality of Informed Consent in Patients Admitted for Surgery: An Iranian Study
Abass Sheikhtaheri & Mehrdad Farzandipour

Informed consent is regarded as a pillar of medical ethics. The purpose of this study was to evaluate perceptions of the informed consent process prior to surgery. Three hundred elective surgery patients were randomly selected from three teaching hospitals in Kashan, Iran, and asked to complete a questionnaire about four key aspects of the informed consent process: information disclosure, voluntar...

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Medical Paternalism or Parental Autonomy in Decision Making: A Portuguese Study in Premature Newborns
Ernestina Maria Batoca Silva & Walter Osswald

Health care providers and parents may have distinctive roles in the decision-making process regarding the care and treatment of premature babies. In this paper, we explore the process of decision making among doctors, nurses, and parents in premature care units (neonatal intensive care unites, NICUs) located in the central region of Portugal. Forty-one semistructured interviews with doctors, nurse...

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