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Medical Disparagement of the Disability Experience: Empirical Evidence for the “Expressivist Objection”
David Alan Klein

Fetal screening and selection (FSS) services offered in the context of prenatal care have been criticized for decades. One important objection has charged that the utilization of FSS expresses disparagement toward the lives, value, and experiences of people with disabilities. Critiques of this expressivist objection to FSS attempt to challenge the interpretability of FSS decisions, or emphasize th...

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Orthodox Ashkenazi Young Adults’ Knowledge, Experiences, Attitudes, and Beliefs About Genetic Carrier Testing
Andrea L. Kalfoglou & Melissa Broder

Background: The Orthodox Ashkenazi Jewish community promotes carrier testing of young adults prior to dating in order to prevent the birth of children affected with genetic diseases. It is unclear how much this young consumer group understands about carrier testing and the testing options available to them, particularly around the inclusion or exclusion of Gaucher disease carrier screening on tes...

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The Myth of Community Differences as the Cause of Variations Among IRBs
Robert Klitzman

Background: Although variations among institutional review boards (IRBs) have been documented for 30 years, they continue, raising crucial questions as to why they persist as well as how IRBs view and respond to these variations. Methods: In-depth, 2-hour interviews were conducted with 46 IRB chairs, administrators, and members. The leadership of 60 U.S. IRBs were contacted (every fourth one in...

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