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December 5, 2016

Looking Back at the Bioethics Commission’s Blog

Throughout its tenure, the Bioethics Commission has maintained an active digital presence to connect with a global audience. A major component of this has been through its blog. This final blog post reflects on the role the blog has played in disseminating the Bioethics Commission’s work.
December 2, 2016

Perspectives in learning: Incorporating discussion materials and activities on ethics into science curriculum.

The Commission’s most recent report, Bioethics for Every Generation, outlines a variety of models that can be used to teach ethics, and emphasizes that ethics education is about preparing students how to think ethically, rather than what to think. Bioethics for Every Generation also emphasizes that ethical questions and topics can be incorporated into existing courses, such as biology, chemistry, social studies and history courses, among others.
November 23, 2016

Ethically Sound podcast: Full series now available

Since the Bioethics Commission was established by Executive Order by President Obama, the Bioethics Commission has released 10 reports on a variety of ethically challenging topics, and has provided recommendations on topics ranging from synthetic biology and neuroscience to whole genome sequencing and public health preparedness. Over the last 10 weeks, the Bioethics Commission has released its 10-episode podcast series Ethically Sound, based on the work produced by the Bioethics Commission. Each episode in the series focuses on a particularly salient ethical challenge that was addressed by the Bioethics Commission, and illustrates how these ethical challenges impact our society. All 10 episodes of Ethically Sound are now available on our website.
November 21, 2016

Ethically Sound Episode 10: Charting a Path Forward

The tenth and final episode of the Bioethics Commission’s podcast series, Ethically Sound, is now available. Today’s episode, “Charting a Path Forward,” focuses on the Bioethics Commission’s two most recent public meetings, during which the Bioethics Commission reflected on the impact of past, present, and future of national bioethics advisory bodies.
November 9, 2016

Introducing “Ethically Sound Discussion Guide: Podcast Series Discussion Questions”

The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues (Bioethics Commission) has released a new educational resource, “Ethically Sound Discussion Guide: Podcast Series Discussion Questions.” The discussion guide is based on the Bioethics Commission’s podcast series Ethically Sound. This 10-episode series is based on the 10 reports the Bioethics Commission produced during its tenure. Each podcast focuses on an ethical challenge the Bioethics Commission addressed in a specific report. Each episode opens with an introductory vignette from a speaker closely associated with the topic, and features an interview with a member of the Bioethics Commi
October 31, 2016

Ethically Sound Episode 8: Ethically Impossible

“Ethically Impossible,” the eighth episode of the Bioethics Commission’s podcast series Ethically Sound, is now available.
October 3, 2016

Ethically Sound Episode 4: “Privacy and Progress”

The Bioethics Commission has released the fourth episode, “Privacy and Progress,” in its new podcast series Ethically Sound. Privacy and Progress addresses complex privacy concerns related to a powerful and newly accessible technology. Whole genome sequencing has evolved from an ambitious scientific aspiration to a readily available technique with tremendous potential to advance clinical care and medical research.
September 28, 2016

Exploring Democratic Deliberation

This post will focus on Col. Michael’s discussion of democratic deliberation, which the Commission recommends in its report.
September 26, 2016

Ethically Sound Episode 3: Anticipate and Communicate

Today’s episode, “Anticipate and Communicate,” focuses on the Commission’s sixth report Anticipate and Communicate: Ethical Management of Incidental and Secondary Findings, which addressed how to ethically manage incidental findings—findings that lie outside the aim of a test or procedure—that arise in clinical, research, and direct-to-consumer contexts.
September 19, 2016

Ethically Sound Episode 2: Ethics and Ebola

Since the Bioethics Commission was established through Executive Order in 2009 by President Barack Obama, it has released 10 reports on a variety of ethically challenging topics, including synthetic biology, neuroscience, and whole genome sequencing, among others. The Bioethics Commission is excited to release a new podcast series, Ethically Sound. Each episode features one of […]

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