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September 2, 2014

Big Data Peeps At Your Medical Records To Find Drug Problems

[NPR] No one likes it when a new drug in people’s medicine cabinets turns out to have problems — just remember the Vioxx debacle a decade ago, when the painkiller was removed from the market over concerns that it increased the risk of heart attack and stroke. To do a better job of spotting unforeseen risks […]
June 24, 2014

Pharmaceutical firms find it hard to exit essential drugs market

[TheEconomicTimes] Pharmaceutical companies having more than a 1% market share for any essential drugs may find it difficult to stop manufacturing those products. Since May, when the government brought into force a new drug-pricing system after a gap of 18 years, the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority has denied such requests whenever the market share of […]
May 9, 2014

Pfizer Inversion Plan Puts Tax Code Under Microscope

[Fox News] The U.S. corporate tax code has come under far more scrutiny than Pfizer in the wake of the giant drug maker’s announcement last week that it hopes to avoid billions of dollars in federal taxes by moving its legal address to London. “The quotes we’ve seen from the politicians so far don’t in […]
April 29, 2008

Can you buy changes in health behaviors?

By Stuart Rennie

And the girl behind the counter has a tattooed tear
One for every year he’s away she said
Such a crumbling beauty,
Ach there’s nothing wrong with her
That a hundred dollars won’t fix

Those are lyrics from Tom Waits’ song ‘9th and Hennepin.’ They slipped involuntarily into my consciousness when I read about a World Bank study that is being planned in Tanzania.…

April 22, 2008

Corn, oil and hunger

A trio of recent dots from the news stream that practically yell out to be connected:

+ The UN reported this week that rising food prices are pushing 100 million people even deeper into hunger.…

October 4, 2007

Talking about the consequences of chronic disease

The Milken Institute released a report this week totaling the cost of preventable chronic disease in the US. The report’s tally for 2003 was $1.3 trillion.* And when you float a number like that, people tend to notice.…