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April 11, 2014

What Price Immortality? Privately Funded Projects and the Prolongation of Life

By Richard Koo, Bioethics Program Alum (MS Bioethics 2011) and Adjunct Faculty Seemingly ripped from the covers of comic books, no less than three privately funded projects seeking the prolongation of human life have been publicized in the past year. The 2045 Initiative, dubbed “the Avatar Project”, is arguably the most futuristic and non-traditional of the […]
February 7, 2013

AJOB Neuroscience 2013 issue 1 is here!!!

This year’s first issue of
AJOB Neuroscience includes:




March 13, 2012

A Bird’s Eye View of Cans of Worms….

A quick note of thanks to you, the readers of this blog, for hanging in there for a few months, while I took a bit of a sabbatical from blog-writing to focus on projects undertaken while I was at the … Continue reading
October 18, 2011

Genetic Testing for the Injury Prone

Professional soccer teams (football to the rest of the world) are using high-powered science to give them a competitive edge. The most recent venture into the world of professional sport and science involves an “unnamed Premier League club” [that] has commissioned Yale University scientists to genetically test its players and attempt to identify genetic indicators that can serve as a warning sign to whether an athlete is prone to injury.” According to Bleacher Report, scientists claim that there are more than 100 genetic factors linked to being prone to injury.…

June 9, 2011

How Young Is Too Young for Plastic Surgery?

A British mother who is a self-proclaimed “plastic surgery addict” has given her pre-teen daughter a “voucher” for future breast augmentation.…

June 2, 2011

Stem Cells and Baseball

When it came to light that New York Yankees pitcher Bartolo Colon had received autologous stem cell therapy from a clinic in the Dominican Republic, an important question came before Major League Baseball: should stem cell “therapies” be banned from big league ball?…

August 4, 2010

Putting Adderall in the Water--Irrestistible!

I have, from time to time, jokingly accused my neuro-enhancement colleagues about wanting to put cognition improving drugs in the water.…

April 15, 2010

AJOB's April Issue is Now Online!

Just in time to coincide with National Healthcare Decisions Day, AJOB’s April issue is now online featuring an editorial and a target article discussing advance directives and patient decision-making.…

February 9, 2010

Do You Know Why Glenn McGee Wants to Live Forever?

Well, your first answer chould be, “Doesn’t everyone?”

But if the actual answer is, “I haven’t a clue”, then click on this link.…

November 23, 2009

One Generation Burned Their Bras. Will Another Implant Theirs?

Victoria’s Secret beware. There’s a new game in town, says Fox News: the implantable, non-removable “Cup & Up” device. The bra that never sleeps–or comes off.…