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August 11, 2016

When It Comes to Healthcare, Republicans Have a Trust Problem

Here is some polling data, on a wide range of health and healthcare issues. It shows pretty consistently that Americans trust Democrats more than Republicans on these issues: I think it’s time for Republicans to move beyond “repeal and replace” … Continue reading

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January 14, 2015

How Behavioral Economics Could Have Prevented The Harvard Meltdown Over Healthcare Costs

The Harvard faculty recently raised a stink because their benefits now require them to pay out-of-pocket for some of their medical care. Physician appointments will no longer be free, but will cost $20. And Harvard faculty will be expected to … Continue reading
July 14, 2012

Even 12-Year-Olds Understand Healthcare Reform

If you want to know how easy and intuitive it is to understand the individual mandate, watch this video with Peter Ubel and his son, Taylor Greeno, who discuss why healthcare reform is good for everyone.…

June 28, 2012

Waiting for the SCOTUS decision on Obamacare? Read AJOB.

As the nation waits on pins and needles for SCOTUS’ decision regarding Obamacare, take a few minutes to bone up on the ethics of healthcare reform and governance with AJOB’s Special Issue on healthcare reform.…

April 19, 2012

Cancer Patients Are Mum About Care Problems

A study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology reports via Reuters Health today that cancer patients rarely tell anyone about the problems with the care they receive.…

October 10, 2011

Saving the USPS by Cutting Healthcare Costs?

What does the postal service have to do with healthcare? Sure, the USPS delivers medical supplies to individuals and organizations. But that is not the connection that the nation’s postmaster general is making between healthcare and the viability of the postal service.…

June 6, 2011

The (In)Justice of Cancer Treatment

It is striking the juxtaposition of the two major headlines today regarding cancer treatment:

Cancer costs put treatments out of reach for many

Drug to treat breast cancer may help prevent it“.…

April 28, 2010

Ethics of Rationing End-of-Life Care: Can We Ever Agree?

A PBS forum with Arthur Caplan and others asked the BIG question about rationing end-of-life care, and perhaps rationing in general: can we as a society ever agree as to what the rational goals of health care can be at the end of life?…

April 15, 2010

AJOB's April Issue is Now Online!

Just in time to coincide with National Healthcare Decisions Day, AJOB’s April issue is now online featuring an editorial and a target article discussing advance directives and patient decision-making.…

March 5, 2010

End of Life-ology

William King is dying from MS. His two twenty-something sons, Ennis and Malcolm, already lost their mother to cancer 15 years earlier and now must deal with his slow deterioration.…