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March 6, 2014

Medical Futility at Yale

I am speaking at Yale Medicine and at Yale Law later this month.  One of the talks is on medical futility.  So, I started brushing up on the local statutory and judicial landscape.  Boy was I surprised to find so many litigated medical f...
September 18, 2013

Stop Therapeutic Obstinacy: Penalties for Administering Futile ICU Interventions

by Thaddeus Pope JD Ph.D.

Intensive care clinicians and clinical ethicists have long known that the provision of interventions perceived to be “futile” is a major problem in U.S.…

January 9, 2013

Son's Perspective on Using VSED to Hasten Death

The following is an essay by Marc Newhouse on his mother's use of VSED.  Marc Newhouse is a former cellist, nurse, and English teacher.  He is now a book author who blogs at Life, Death and Iguanas. In April of 2010, my...