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June 25, 2009

Follow-up on The Wild West of Nanotechnology

Today, The Scientist has revealed more about the scandal involving nanoscientist Chiming Wei which was first written about here on bioethics.net.

June 17, 2009

Be Careful What You Wish For

In collaboration with Nanotech-Now.com and Lifeboat Foundation, Ti

hamer Toth-Fejel comments as this month’s guest columnist about the prospect of a much less ominous future for nanotechnology that most.…

June 5, 2009

Special Double Issue AJOB 9:6-7 Available Now on Bioethics.net

Facebook and other social networking sites. Direct-to-consumer genetic testing. A taxonomy for empirical bioethics.

The issues were so important, so numerous, and so overwhelming that it took a special DOUBLE issue of AJOB to cover them all.…

April 17, 2009

What's It Like to Be a Middle Aged Guinea Pig?

If you want to know, read the L.A. Times Booster Shots post which recounts Rosie Mestel’s recent experience volunteering for a cancer epidemiology study.…

April 17, 2009

Racing For a Cure--And Taking Genetic Samples at the Same Time?

As a woman and a supporter of research of all kinds, I still have a hard time swallowing this request: “You are healthy.…

March 30, 2009

Don't Put Your Baby on a Diet

One of the most frustrating aspects of reviewing research studies that at the end of them, when the data is reported–either in journals or the media–one has to wonder, “What is a person supposed to do with this data?”

Here is one more study where this is obviously true: as reported in the Chicago Tribune, rapid infant weight gain is linked to childhood obesity.…

March 23, 2009

Detecting Disease by Tattoo

If you ever swore to your self (or to another) that you’d never get a tattoo, you may just want to reconsider.…

March 3, 2009

Baby Einstein? Well, Maybe Not So Much.

We already knew that too much television watching was not good for the health of adults and teens and even young children, leading to a more sedentary lifestyle.…

February 12, 2009

Smokers Will Quit for Money and Pet Health

Two recent stories about smokers have caught my eye. One, published from the University of Pennsylvania, has found that smokers paid $750 to quit smoking are 3 times more likely to quit smoking and be smoke free a year later as their unpaid counterparts.…

February 3, 2009

Turn Off That TV or You are Going to Be Depressed.

It turns out that the amount of television that your teenager watches during his or her youth may be a determinant of whether they develop depression later in life, a recent study has found.…