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July 24, 2013

Doctors Who Torture: Why No Punishment?

Maurice Bernstein, MD

Torture has been in the United States’ “backyard” for a number of years. The forced feeding of Guantanamo detainees who are on “hunger strike” is a current example. …

February 4, 2013

Military Doctors and Deaths by Torture: When a Witness Becomes an Accessory

Guest Blog Post: Steven Miles, M.D.

This blog post will appears as an Editorial in this May’s upcoming issue of AJOB

A Case (and Context)

The Medical Practitioner Tribunal Service in the United Kingdom recently revoked a physician’s license for failing to report treating a man who had been tortured and for failing to safeguard vulnerable detainees.…

August 19, 2007

APA: Members shouldn't be involved with abusive interrogation

Via the Washington Post comes word that the American Psychological Association ruled Sunday that its members can no longer be associated with many of the “alternative” interrogation techniques in use at US facilities around the world.…

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American Journal of Bioethics: Volume 6 Issue 3 - May 2006

Indecent Medicine: In Defense of the Absolute Prohibition against Physician Participation in Torture