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April 25, 2016

The Invitation

By Mary Boyle Looking for a way to bring real patients to students in pre-clinical years? Each year we ask our specialists to invite a few patients in to match a topic we are studying— Peripheral Vascular, Rheumatology, and Dermatology.  They kindly arrive at our lecture or small group sessions to show us the sequelae […]
April 25, 2016

Watch Out for Those Deductibles!

Lots of folks in the U.S. are finding themselves with health insurance coverage that requires them to pay lots of money, in their deductible, before insurance kicks in. Here is a nice piece in Cancer Today Magazine on the topic: … Continue reading

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April 25, 2016

What’s Behind Gender Panic in the Restroom?

Timothy F. Murphy
April 25, 2016

VSED : Bridge to MAID

Voluntarily stopping eating and drinking (VSED) is often framed as an alternative to medical aid in dying (MAID).   VSED is an important alternative, since MAID is legal in only five U.S. states.  It is also important, because even within th...
April 24, 2016

Now a Third California Brain Death Dispute - Alan Sanchez

LA County-USC Medical Center says 17-year-old Alan Sanchez is brain dead. But his family wants to fight on.

“We’re fighting for his life right now,” said his sister, Laura Sanchez-Alvarado.  They said he needs another operation. Doctors are refusing to perform the operation because they said Sanchez is brain dead, days after being involved in a car accident.  

The family is working the phones and hoping a judge will step in.  (CBS News)  There is a GoFundMe site.

April 24, 2016

Israel Stinson Brain Death Dispute Continues

Israel Stinson was declared dead by clinicians at Kaiser Permanente Roseville Medical Center.  But his parents, Jonee Fonseca and Nate Stinson, do not accept that diagnosis. 

They explained in a recent interview:  “Because of our faith we will wait for our son to wake up . . . It’s just something telling us, ‘Don’t give up.’” 

“And we won’t give up. God won’t give up. . . .  We’re hoping with God that something gives. Anything’s possible.”

Life Legal Defense Foundation (LLDF), got a one-week extension on a temporary restraining order mandating Kaiser to continue "treatment" to keep Israel’s condition stable, while the family seeks a second opinion.

April 23, 2016

Surgeon Recommends DNAR to Cover Up Error

An alarming $10 million lawsuit was just filed against the chief of vascular surgery at INOVA Fairfax Hospita.  Yeatts v. Mukherjee, No. 2016-05070.  

The complaint alleges that surgeon Dr. Dipankar Mukherjee operated on the wrong leg of his patient, Reginald M. Manning.  Further, the suit alleges that when Mukherjee realized he had operated on the wrong leg, he ended the surgery and added false entries in the records to cover it up."  

Mukherjee then counseled the family to agree to a DNAR plan as a “pretense to cover up the fact that he intentionally performed a wrong-leg sur­gery."

April 22, 2016

Dr. Celia B. Fisher Examines Whether IRBs Hinder HIV Research with LGBT Youth

The dearth of HIV prevention research on LGBT individuals under 18 years of age is at least partially a result of conservative Institutional Review Boards (IRBs), according to new research by Fordham University Center for Ethics Education Director Dr. Celia … Continue reading
April 22, 2016

Questions About Using “Mosaic” Embryos in IVF

Bonnie Steinbock
April 22, 2016

More Coverage of Our Out-Of-Pocket Expenses Research

My colleagues and I have been doing lots of research lately on how physicians and patients discuss out-of-pocket expenses during clinic encounters. One of our recent publications has been getting lots of attention, with this being the latest example. I … Continue reading

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