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Posted on September 26, 2007 at 9:47 AM

So vein: Hand surgery removes tell-tale sign of ageing
The UK’s Daily Mail reports on the first three woman in that country to get surgery to remove supposedly unsightly veins in their hands. Said one woman to the paper:

For a decade or more the veins on the backs of my hands have been so prominent that they have looked like they belong to a 100-year-old woman, not someone almost half that age.

It has made me very self-conscious.

Like it or not, we live in an era where women are judged by the way they look, and I felt my hands let me down.

I’ve always taken chances, so when I heard about the new surgery – whose technical name is avulsions of hand veins – I didn’t see what I had to lose.

The blog Jezebel might have the best line about all this: “Shrimp should be de-veined. Not hands.” (via)

Leader rails at teen breast implants gift fad

Reuters reports that Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez is not happy about what seems to be the trendy quinceañera gift in his country. “Now some people think, ‘My daughter’s turning 15, let’s give her breast enlargements.’ That’s horrible. It’s the ultimate degeneration,” said Chavez on his eight hour (!) TV show this past Sunday, according to the wire service.

-Greg Dahlmann

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