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Posted on October 30, 2007 at 10:10 AM

Here are a few recent mentions of AJOB editors and blogger elsewhere in the media:

David Magnus in San Francisco Chronicle: “Nascent stem cell company raises ethical and medical issues”

“These companies are essentially taking advantage of people’s ignorance and fears to make a buck.”

Paul Root Wolpe on Morning Edition: “Foolproof Test for Catching Liars Still Elusive”

“There is just no question in my mind that if we had an effective lie detector that the pressure to use it for security purposes, in courtrooms even in sensitive employment settings will be so strong that it will make its way into those settings,” said Paul Root Wolpe from the Center for Bioethics at University of Pennsylvania. “The reason polygraphy hasn’t done that yet is because it is just not good enough.”

Art Caplan in Tech Journal South: “Should we really try to live forever?”

Is it really unnatural to seek a longer better life, as critics argue? [Art Caplan] asked. He pointed out that there is really nothing natural about a 70 or 75-year average lifespan. In ancient times, lifespans were closer to 35. To those who say advance the Biblical idea of three-score and ten, he asks, What about all those earlier in the Bible who lived 800 years?

There’s more on the “AJOB Bloggers Elsewhere” page.

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