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Posted on October 15, 2014 at 7:20 AM

This was posted to Facebook today:

Hello Everyone, I wanted to take this time out to thank you all for every donation every prayer and every positive thought you send Jahi’s way. Jahi is physically stable. All of her organs are fully functional, her skin is flawless and all of her joints are nice and loose. She is a real life sleeping beauty.”

“She is alot more responsive to my voice now than what she used to be. If you catch her at the right time she confirms that she knows left from right a leg from an arm a thumb from an index finger ect…… Once she follows the command it seems to just wipe her out so I try not to over do it but sometimes I’m so excited I can’t help but to keep pushing her. It is amazing to me how something so small as a wiggle of a finger can mean so much!!!”

“I love my daughter very much and I have watched her progress from December until now. There is definitely an improvement. She recently just had an MRI done and it does show damage but it also shows brain structure and blood flow. She had a lot of other test done as well and they confirmed what I already knew. JAHI CAN HEAR ME!!! Her EEG shows brain waves which I was told she didn’t have when she was in California.”

“I can not express the happiness I felt when I seen with my own eyes that my daughter had a brain with structure. I was told previously that it would be liquefied or have holes in it because it had been without blood flow and oxygen for 9 months. That is not the case with my daughter. Every person is different and every person heals differently.”

“Jahi has also started puberty!! She started her menstruation a couple of months ago and it comes on time and last 3-5 days like any normal female. If you really think about it Jahi is capable of giving life how can the dead give life?”

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