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Posted on July 15, 2020 at 10:59 PM

Last year, Clinicians at Cook Children’s Hospital determined that continued life-sustaining treatment for Tinslee Lewis offered no benefit and would be “cruel” and “unethical.” Accordingly, they planned to stop that treatment even over her mother’s objections. 

With the help of Texas Right to Life, Tinslee’s mother sought to enjoin the hospital. But the Tarrant County District Court ruled against her. The Second Court of Appeals stayed the order pending the outcome of the mother’s appeal.

But now a physician from Michigan, Glenn E. Green, says (and here) that Tinslee’s condition is treatable. He has offered to come to Texas to perform a tracheostomy, so that Tinslee can be transferred. Dissatisfied with the conditions and constraints from Cook, Tinslee’s mother has filed a new action directed at enabling Tinslee’s transfer.

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