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American Journal of Bioethics.

Innovative Practice, Clinical Research, and the Ethical Advancement of Medicine

Innovative practice occurs when a clinician provides something new, untested, or nonstandard to a patient in the course of clinical care, rather than as part of a research study. Commentators have noted that patients engaged in innovative practice are at significant risk of suffering harm, exploitation, or autonomy violations. By creating a pathway for harmful or nonbeneficial interventions to spread within medical practice without being subjected to rigorous scientific evaluation, innovative practice poses similar risks to the wider community of patients and society as a whole. Given these concerns, how should we control and oversee innovative practice, and in particular, how should we coordinate innovative practice and clinical research? In this article, I argue that an ethical approach overseeing innovative practice must encourage the early transition to rigorous clinical research without delaying or deferring the development of beneficial innovations or violating the autonomy rights of clinicians and their patients.

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Volume 19, Issue 6
June 2019

Target Articles.

Ethical and Regulatory Considerations for Using Social Media Platforms to Locate and Track Research Participants Ananya Bhatia-Lin, Alexandra Boon-Dooley, Michelle K. Roberts, Caroline Pronai, Dylan Fisher, Lea Parker, Allison Engstrom, Leah Ingraham & Doyanne Darnell