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American Journal of Bioethics.

Toward More Effective Self-Regulation in Medicine

Protecting public safety and ensuring that the medical profession is worthy of public trust have been at the heart of the mission of the American Medical Association (AMA) since its inaugural meeting in 1847.

Promoting the quality of medical education and promulgating standards for ethical professional conduct is fundamental to that mission. Our education work continues in Accelerating Change in Education, our initiative to transform undergraduate education, and our newly launched initiative to reimagine residency. And the AMA Code of Medical Ethics (the Code) continues to articulate the core values of the profession and expectations for ethical conduct on the part of individual physicians. The Code is explicitly referenced, in whole or in part, as the standard for professional conduct in every state, and thus touches all physicians in the United States, whether they are members of the AMA or not. Every physician who joins the AMA pledges to uphold the Code as a condition of membership.

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Volume 19, Issue 1
January 2019

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