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by Bandy X. Lee, MD, Mdiv

Mary Trump’s recent article pinpointed our problem with “the Goldwater rule”: “in March 2017, shortly after [Donald Trump] was inaugurated, the APA didn’t just reaffirm the rule—it expanded it past the point of coherence.”  This incoherence is the reason why we held an ethics conference at Yale School of Medicine by the title, “Does Professional Responsibility Include a Duty to Warn?” the very next month.  It drew national attention and led to the public-service book, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 37 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President.  The incoherence alarmed me enough to drop everything and to speak up, becoming a whistleblower not just of the president but of the American Psychiatric Association.…

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by Bandy X. Lee, MD, MDiv

A novel coronavirus strain has rapidly spread around the world into a pandemic. Country responses over the past several weeks show that information dissemination is crucial for containing the disease. Psychological readiness to accept intelligence reports, public health advice, and the reality of the disease itself therefore is critical to a nation’s concerted behavioral change. But what happens when that psychological readiness itself is lost?

Through no fault of those receiving misinformation, falsehoods can spread rapidly through our interconnected, social media-driven society. At its extreme, the acceptance of misinformation can morph into a delusion, as we all seek answers during a vulnerable time.…

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by Bandy X. Lee M.D., M.Div., Edwin B. Fisher Ph.D., and Leonard L. Glass M.D., M.P.H.

In the spring, we assessed the Mueller report from a mental health perspective because of the wealth and quality of content that rendered it useful for a capacity evaluation of the president.  We concluded that the president fell short of every metric for rational, considered decision making capacity.  As more than a thousand former federal prosecutors came forth with an opinion that Trump would have been charged if he were not president, hundreds of mental health professionals have endorsed our assessment.

Most mental health professionals would acknowledge that much of this was clear since the beginning of this presidency if not before, and certainly our book, “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump”, predicted how this presidency would unfold dangerously and destructively at multiple levels.  …

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