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About Eric Swirsky

by Eric S. Swirsky, JD, MA

It is my privilege to introduce the health humanities community to the work of biomedical visualization students at the University of Illinois at Chicago, whose work will be featured as cover art in forthcoming issues of AJOB.  These students receive interdisciplinary training to become highly skilled medical and scientific illustrators, medical animators, educators, and Web and media specialists.  Operating in areas of semiotics, these professionals help to convey meaning to providers, patients, and other stakeholders with deliberate use of language and symbol.  Working with AJOB editorial leadership, concepts from accepted journal articles are pitched to student artists in a studio-style format where the ethical issues are extruded and explained, artistic muses are considered, and completed works are openly critiqued for revision. …

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by Eric Swirsky, JD, MA

Through the millennia the science and practice of medicine have evolved and along with them the moral relationship that exists between doctor and patient.  While much has changed, the need for information exchange has not; it is a central component of the doctor-patient relationship and shapes its moral status.  The practice of medicine has been transformed with the rise of the health care industry. Traditional clinical values, such as respecting autonomy, promoting what is best for the patient, refraining from harm, and upholding principles of justice, have been joined by business needs for efficiency, cost effectiveness, and increased productivity.…

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