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Author Archive: John Paris

by Brian M Cummings M.D.  and John J. Paris S.J.       

Vaccine passports are likely to become a necessary part of our lives until we achieve herd immunity and no longer need worry about contracting a potentially life-threatening virus from strangers. Such ‘passports’ might not be the first item on our wish list.  But the arguments for their use are basic and compelling. As Gostin and colleagues’ recent article notes, vaccine passports encourage people to be vaccinated and allow a reopening of the economy.  For those who want—as much as possible– to recover life as it was prior to the pandemic, they will seemingly becoming a necessity. …

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by John J. Paris, SJ

The widely publicized conflicts between families and physicians over treatment decisions for profoundly compromised children in the recent Charlie Gard and Alfie Evans cases revive topics as old as the history of Western medicine on who should determine medical treatment and on what standard. The treatise in the Hippocratic Corpus entitled The Art defines medicine as having three roles: doing away with the suffering of the sick, lessening the violence of their diseases, and refusing to treat those who are overmastered by their diseases, realizing that in such cases medicine is powerless.” That theme is also found in Book III of Plato’s Republic.

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