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Author Archive: Kelly McBride Folkers

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by Kelly McBride Folkers, MA

Should academics ever set limits on what can be the subject of debate? Last week, twelve philosophers published an open letter calling for an end to sanctions and censures of academics that express “skepticism about the concept of gender identity or opposition to replacing biological sex with gender identity in institutional policy making.” They argue that contemporary discussions surrounding the concepts of gender identity and biological sex are acceptable topics for free academic inquiry. They were motivated by various scholarly works that call into question the notion that gender identities exist on a spectrum, as opposed to a male-female binary, that have sparked intense controversy on university campuses and social media platforms.…

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by Kelly McBride Folkers, BS

Pregnancy comes with great moral responsibility from mother to future child. A healthy pregnancy requires that pregnant women abstain from certain behaviors, like eating unpasteurized foods and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol. These decisions affect the wellbeing of the future child. But in addition to bearing the responsibility for the healthy development of the woman’s individual child, pregnant women face social stigmatization during pregnancy. The world takes notice of pregnant women, and this attention can be as innocuous as offering a seat to a visibly pregnant woman on the subway. But it all too often results in social isolation, decreased physical activity, and when pregnant women report a lack of social support, higher incidence of depression and anxiety symptoms.…

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