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Author Archive: David Resnik

by David B. Resnik, JD, PhD,

Since 1969, the New England Journal of Medicine has maintained a policy, known as the Ingelfinger Rule, against publishing articles which have already been published or reported to the media.  Editor Franz Ingelfinger announced the policy to ensure that articles appearing in the journal would be original and to promote high quality science by deterring researchers from bypassing peer review and sharing their results directly with the public.  Several editors have revisited the policy and modified it since then.  Notable exceptions to the rule include: posters or abstracts reporting results at scientific meetings; information disclosed during testimony before government committees; research conducted or overseen by public health authorities, such as the National Institutes of Health or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, that in their judgment warrants release to the media prior to submission for peer review because it addresses an urgent public health issue; and, under special arrangements, other research that addresses an urgent public health matter. …

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