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Posted: Monday, October 7th, 2019
JOB TITLE: Project Coordinator
DEADLINE: Thursday, October 31st, 2019
LOCATION: Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, OH, United States
CONTACT: Roselle Ponsaran
TELEPHONE: 216-368-4612
Working under limited supervision, the Research Assistant 3 will serve as the project coordinator of the
multi-year, NIH-funded research grant “Prenatal Preparation: Actions and Results.”

This study will examine the ways stakeholders understand the meaning of prenatal preparation after a
genetic result, determine what resulting health-seeking and related social behaviors these stakeholders
undertake or enable, and build a conceptual model of preparation to guide future research, practice and
policy development. The project involves interviews with clinicians, patient advocacy groups, and
families who receive prenatal genetic findings and postnatal diagnoses, as well as an expert panel of
researchers, clinicians, bioethicists, advocates, and parents. By building a multidimensional conceptual
model of prenatal preparation and assessing its potential ethical, clinical, research, and practical
implications, this project will lead to more coordinated efforts to inform and support families
experiencing a fetal genetic condition.

The duties of the research assistant include working closely with the principal investigator and the
research team to oversee the day-to-day operation of all aspects of the study including recruitment of
participants, conducting interviews, data collection and data management. The research assistant 3 will
organize meetings with the research team, code and analyze qualitative data, travel to other sites, assist
with National Institutes of Health progress reports, modify and renew Institutional Review Board

This study is being conducted by Marsha Michie, PhD, Assistant Professor of Bioethics at Case Western Reserve University.

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