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Reducing Tobacco Use Through Withdrawal Policies: When Should We Ban the Use of a Harmful Product?
Kayhan Parsi

In the first-year clinical skills course at our medical school, we offer a session on tobacco cessation. In this part of our course, we emphasize to our medical students the significant costs tobacco use incurs. The costs to health are now well documented. The financial costs are substantial as well. We teach our students that they can have a positive impact upon their patients’ health by utiliz...

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Target Article

Withdrawing Versus Withholding Freedoms: Nudging and the Case of Tobacco Control
Andreas T. Schmidt

Is it a stronger interference with people’s freedom to withdraw options they currently have than to withhold similar options they do not have? Drawing on recent theorizing about sociopolitical freedom, this article identifies considerations that often make this the case for public policy. However, when applied to tobacco control, these considerations are shown to give us at best only very we...

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Moral Hazard in Pediatrics
Donald Brunnquell & Christopher M. Michaelson

“Moral hazard” is a term familiar in economics and business ethics that illuminates why rational parties sometimes choose decisions with bad moral outcomes without necessarily intending to behave selfishly or immorally. The term is not generally used in medical ethics. Decision makers such as parents and physicians generally do not use the concept or the word in evaluating ethical dilemmas. Th...

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