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Justice and Bioethics: Who Should Finance Academic Publishing?
Udo Schuklenk (Joint Editor in Chief) & David Magnus (Editor in Chief)

We applaud the authors of this article for tackling an important and often neglected topic in bioethics: the challenges that our underresourced colleagues face in conducting research and contributing to the literature in bioethics. Indeed, one of us (U.S.) has spent a good deal of his career attempting to draw attention to this problem and ameliorate it. ...

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Target Article

A Question of Social Justice: How Policies of Profit Negate Engagement of Developing World Bioethicists and Undermine Global Bioethics
Subrata Chattopadhyay, Catherine Myser, Tiffany Moxham & Raymond De Vries

We identify the ways the policies of leading international bioethics journals limit the participation of researchers working in the resource-constrained settings of low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) in the development of the field of bioethics. Lack of access to essential scholarly resources makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for many LMIC bioethicists to learn from, meaningfu...

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Saving Life, Limb, and Eyesight: Assessing the Medical Rules of Eligibility During Armed Conflict
Michael L. Gross

Medical rules of eligibility permit severely injured Iraqi and Afghan nationals to receive care in Coalition medical facilities only if bed space is available and their injuries result directly from Coalition fire. The first rule favors Coalition soldiers over host-nation nationals and contradicts the principle of impartial, needs-based medical care. To justify preferential care for compatriots, w...

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