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What We Do When We Resuscitate Extremely Preterm Infants
Jeremy R. Garrett, Brian S. Carter & John D. Lantos

Neonatal intensive care is one of the most successful medical innovations of the last half century. Every year, in the United States alone, nearly 500,000 babies are born prematurely. Before neonatal intensive care, most of those babies died, and those who survived often suffered significant life-limiting impairments. Today, most preemies survive without impairments. ...

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Saving or Creating: Which Are We Doing When We Resuscitate Extremely Preterm Infants?
Travis N. Rieder

Neonatal intensive care units represent simultaneously one of the great success stories of modern medicine, and one of its most controversial developments. One particularly controversial issue is the resuscitation of extremely preterm infants. Physicians in the United States generally accept that they are required to resuscitate infants born as early as 25 weeks and that it is permissible to re...

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