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I, My Love, and Apps
Craig Klugman

In this issue, Danaher, Nyholm, and Earp offer a thorough analysis of the quantified self movement as applied to relationships. Quantification is a trend toward charting, coding, and recording our everyday activities. Think of activity trackers that record your number of steps, sedentary time, even the amount of sleep you get. Now apply that same concept to your relationship and even your performa...

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Target Article

The Quantified Relationship
John Danaher, Sven Nyholm & Brian D. Earp

The growth of self-tracking and personal surveillance has given rise to the Quantified Self movement. Members of this movement seek to enhance their personal well-being, productivity, and self-actualization through the tracking and gamification of personal data. The technologies that make this possible can also track and gamify aspects of our interpersonal, romantic relationships. Several authors ...

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Resolving Ethical Dilemmas in a Tertiary Care Veterinary Specialty Hospital: Adaptation of the Human Clinical Consultation Committee Model
Philip M. Rosoff, Jeannine Moga, Bruce Keene, Christopher Adin, Callie Fogle, Rachel Ruderman, Heather Hopkinso & Charity Weyhrauch

Technological advances in veterinary medicine have produced considerable progress in the diagnosis and treatment of numerous diseases in animals. At the same time, veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and owners of animals face increasingly complex situations that raise questions about goals of care and correct or reasonable courses of action. These dilemmas are frequently controversial and can ...

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