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American Journal of Bioethics.

The Rescinding of DACA: What Should Healthcare Professionals and Academics Do? (and Why?)

Imagine that the 14th Amendment is repealed. Suddenly, birthright citizenship is no longer the accepted law of the United States. African-Americans become largely seen as non-citizens because many of their ancestors’ mode of forced entry into the United States (i.e., via slave ship). As non-citizens without valid immigration papers, they can no longer be lawfully employed and are denied routine opportunities in most states such as being able to obtain a driver’s license. This population is excluded from all government “benefits;” they cannot obtain a federal student loan; they cannot purchase a health insurance policy on the exchanges created by the Affordable Care Act. These individuals are essentially considered “alien” to the United States and deportation to their country of ancestry becomes a possibility. In such a scenario, what are the moral responsibilities of each citizen? Do healthcare professionals and academics have any special responsibilities?

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Volume 17, Issue 11
November 2017