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Bioethics Toolkit Resources for COVID-19
Blog Editor and the American Journal of Bioethics have assembled a bioethics toolkit for people dealing with COVID-19. We have a collection of important blogs from around the internet that you can find here. We also highly recommending our growing catalog of our original blog posts by leading scholars writing on bioethics in pandemics. Other compendium resources

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Better Consent—and Not Just for When Time Is Short
Blog Editor

by Jerry Menikoff, MD, JD In a world with far too much dissonance, sometimes things nonetheless manage to come together. Such is the case regarding the article by Dickert and colleagues in this issue, “Partnering with Patients to Bridge Gaps in Consent for Acute Care Research”, and the recent changes in the Common Rule relating to improving research consent. Dickert and colleagues’ work is a refreshing and very timely attempt at determining how we can improve informed consent for acute care clinical research trials.…

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  • BioethicsTV (October 27-November 1, 2019): #NewAmsterdam; #ChicagoMed

    by Craig Klugman, Ph.D. New Amsterdam (Season 2: Episode 6): Lying; Inherent bias; Chicago Med (Season 5; Episode 6): Excusing battery; Jehovah’s Witness and blood transfusion; Be yourself or maintain health New Amsterdam (Season 2: Episode 6): Lying;...
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    Principles of Biomedical Ethics: Marking Its Fortieth Anniversary

    You can read this editorial and other articles in this month's issue of The American Journal of Bioethics. by Tom Beauchamp, Ph.D. & James Childress, Ph.D. We are pleased to join the editors of AJOB in marking the 40th anniversary...
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    BioethicsTV (October 21-26, 2019): #NewAmsterdam #ChicagoMed

    New Amsterdam (Season 2; Episode 5): Inconstant insurance policies; Negotiating with patients; Chicago Med (Season 5; Episode 5): Battery; Broken Promises by Craig Klugman, Ph.D. New Amsterdam (Season 2; Episode 5): Inconstant insurance policies; Negotiating with patients Two sisters, Jasmine...
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    Bioethics TV (October 7-10, 2019)

    by Craig Klugman, Ph.D. The Good Doctor (Season 3; Episode 3): Informing a resistant parent; The Resident (Season 3; Episode 3): The Creepy Dr. Cain; New Amsterdam (Season 2; Episode 3): We don’t pay for the right...
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    Bioethics news. Btn Rss

    Covid-19 Crisis Triage—Optimizing Health Outcomes and Disability Rights
    Writing in the New England Journal of Medicine, Hastings Center president Mildred Solomon and two Hastings Center fellows address concerns that crisis triage protocols aimed at allocating scarce health care resources to save the most lives could be biased...
    5,368 dead and counting: An investigation of state failures as crisis rampaged through N.J. nursing homes
    More than four in ten deaths linked to the pandemic were in the state’s long-term care facilities. What went wrong?
    I Accept Death. I Hope Doctors and Nurses Will, Too.
    Medical workers remain devoted to curing and easing the pain of the desperately ill during the COVID-19 pandemic. But what can be done about their pain?
    Ethics questions swirl around historic Parkinson’s experiment
    A secretive experiment revealed this week, in which neurosurgeons transplanted brain cells into a patient with Parkinson’s disease, made medical history. It was the first time such “reprogrammed” cells, produced from stem cells that had been created in the lab from the...
    DHS begins collecting DNA from undocumented immigrants after whistleblower complaints
    The Department of Homeland Security is inching toward implementation of a decades-old law directing it to collect DNA from the undocumented immigrants arrested by its officers.
    Is it ethical to give someone coronavirus to create a vaccine? Yes
    The political spin promising a quick vaccine for COVID-19 is false. The average time to make a vaccine is 20 years.
    Wisconsin Supreme Court Overturns The State’s Stay-At-Home Orders
    Wisconsin’s Supreme Court has overturned the state’s “Safer at Home” orders and mandated that all future statewide restrictions to battle the coronavirus must be approved by the legislature’s rule-making committee before they could be implemented.
    Should New Mothers With Covid-19 Be Separated From Their Newborns?
    The Covid-19 pandemic has been characterized by many unknowns, chief among them in the world of pediatric ethics is the question of separating mothers who are infected or suspected of being infected from their newborns after delivery to reduce the risk...
    Lockdown protesters have a moral duty to forgo medical care in favor of those who followed the rules |...
    Imagine it is two weeks from now and you live in one of the dozens of cities—including Harrisburg—that have recently seen anti-lockdown protests. Your immunocompromised parent or child becomes sick with COVID, so you take them to the hospital...
    Routine vaccinations for U.S. children have plummeted during the Covid-19 pandemic
    Routine vaccination of children in the United States appeared to have declined dramatically in March and April, in the weeks after Covid-19 was declared a pandemic and the United States government declared a national emergency, a new study published Friday shows.
    Covid-19 Raises Questions About the Value of Personalized Medicine
    A group of medical dissenters argues that tailoring treatment to the genetic profiles of individuals, a longstanding goal for researchers, is less important than the old-fashioned public health measures being used against the pandemic.


    Bioethics Fellow

    Henry Ford Health System

    Detroit, Michigan, United States

    Description: Clinical Ethics Fellowship Duration: 2 year Start date:...


    National University of Singapore


    Clinical Ethicist

    Providence St Joseph Health

    Irvine, CA, United States

    Medical Ethics Fellow

    Northwell Health

    Manhasset, New York, United States

    Join team of clinical ethicists leading to requirement for...


    Michigan State University

    East Lansing, Michigan, United States

    Michigan State University seeks a Director of the Center...

    Assistant professor in bioethics with a focus on new medica

    University of Twente

    Enschede, Netherlands

    Tenure track position for an assistant professor in bioethics,...

    Qualitative Methods Analyst

    Baylor College of Medicine Center for Medical Ethics & Health Policy

    Houston, TX, United States

    Director of Graduate Studies, Master of Science in Bioethics

    Tulane University School of Medicine, Program in Medical Ethics and Human Values

    New Orleans, Louisiana, LA, United States

    Director of Graduate Studies (DGS), at the rank of...

    Postdoctoral Position in Biomedical Ethics Research

    Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN

    Rochester, Minnesota, United States

    Mayo Clinic seeks candidates for a post-doctoral position in...


    National University of Singapore

    Singapore, Singapore

    Post-doctoral Researcher (Program-Specific Researcher)

    Minari Lab, Uehiro Research Div. for iPS Cell Ethics, (CiRA), Kyoto University

    Kyoto, Japan

    A researcher interested in bioethics, and regulations for stem...

    Director – Centre for Biomedical Ethics

    National University of Singapore

    Singapore, Singapore