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The Land of the Gagged and the Home of the Complicit: Domestic Abortion Gag Rule is Unethical


by Craig Klugman, Ph.D.

On his fourth day in office, Trump reinstated the Mexico City Rule. The MCR was originally declared by Ronald Reagan in 1984 to prohibit U.S. federal funds from going to non-governmental health organizations if they provide, promote, refer, or mention abortion services unless abortions were given at a separate facility. Last week, Trump announced that he was going to issue a domestic gagrule that would prohibit health care providers who receive federal funding from performing or mentioning abortion as an option to women.…

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FDA just approved the first drug to prevent migraines. Here’s the story of its discovery—and its limitations Science

Worldwide, migraines strike roughly 12% of people at least once per year, with women roughly three times as likely as men to have an attack. The Migraine Research Foundation estimates that U.S. employees take 113 million sick days per year because of migraines, creating an annual loss of $13 billion. The toll underscores how little current treatments—not just drugs, but nerve-numbing injections, behavioral therapies, and special diets—can help many people. On the horizon, however, is a new class of drugs that many scientists believe can stop migraines at their root.

How tech can turn doctors into clerical workers Washington Post

In America today, the patient in the hospital bed is just the icon, a place holder for the real patient who is not in the bed but in the computer. That virtual entity gets all our attention.

F.D.A. Names and Shames Drug Makers to Encourage Generic Competition Washington Post

On Thursday, the F.D.A. took a new tack and began posting a list of makers of brand-name drugs that have been the target of complaints, to persuade them to “end the shenanigans,” in the commissioner’s words. Dr. Gottlieb calls it transparency, but this approach is better known among ethicists as naming and shaming.

Experimental drugs poised for use in Ebola outbreak Nature

International health organizations are in discussions with the Democratic Republic of Congo about how and whether to deploy treatments in addition to a vaccine.