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Lessons to Learn From The Slow Vaccine Rollout
Arthur Caplan

by Arthur Caplan, PhD There is general agreement that the rollout of vaccines in the United States has been a dismal failure. Too many doses are in warehouses, not nearly enough in arms. And too much confusion exists about prioritizing those in need versus allowing institutions and vaccination sites discretion to decide how best to use their supplies. Given these challenges, what lessons can be drawn about vaccination policy going forward?…

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Can a Global Vaccine Strategy Prioritizing Covid-19 Variant Hotspots be Ethical?
Blog Editor

by Richard B. Gibson Ensuring that healthcare resources are made available to those in the greatest need of them – be that individuals, groups, populations, or countries – is not only a matter of public health but also one of ethics. A failure to implement appropriate resources allocation, reflective of a situation’s specific demands, illustrates not only an ignorance of public health factors but also betrays ethical shortcomings.…

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  • What Would it Take to Convince You to Take...

    by Keisha Ray, Ph.D. With Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna/National Institutes of Health producing a viable vaccine for COVID-19 (along with two other companies on the precipice of also producing viable vaccines) and with distribution set...
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    The 2020 Holiday Season Has To Be Different

    by Craig Klugman, Ph.D. I just finished watching a press conference with my mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago. She announced a new stay-at-home order starting Monday that will last for at least 30...
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    AJOB Webinar
    BioethicsTV (October 27-November 1, 2019): #NewAmsterdam; #ChicagoMed

    by Craig Klugman, Ph.D. New Amsterdam (Season 2: Episode 6): Lying; Inherent bias; Chicago Med (Season 5; Episode 6): Excusing battery; Jehovah’s Witness and blood transfusion; Be yourself or maintain health New Amsterdam (Season 2: Episode 6): Lying;...
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    Principles of Biomedical Ethics: Marking Its Fortieth Anniversary

    You can read this editorial and other articles in this month's issue of The American Journal of Bioethics. by Tom Beauchamp, Ph.D. & James Childress, Ph.D. We are pleased to join the editors of AJOB in marking the 40th anniversary...
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    AIs that read sentences are now catching coronavirus mutations
    How can AI potentially provide insight into how we understand biological systems? What factors do we need to consider for such an integration? Natural-language processing algorithms now may help read new virus mutations, especially helpful with COVID-19 new variants.
    Deciding Who Should Be Vaccinated First
    A big component of vaccine distribution has been utilizing ethics to determine vaccine prioritization. Issac Chotiner of The New Yorker speaks with immunologist Barry Bloom to discuss what goes into making decisions on vaccine distribution.
    For COVID-19 vaccines, some are too rich – and too poor
    “The first year of the Covid-19 pandemic revealed that a country’s wealth would not spare it from the virus. Overconfidence, poor planning and ignored warnings felled the world’s richest nations. But now, money is translating into undeniable advantages.”
    The growth of “pharmacy deserts”
    With efficacious medications available, ethics considers who has access to these drugs and who is at risk of losing them. Under COVID-19, the pandemic has accelerated the growth of many health disparities in the United States. Recently, there has...
    Could new COVID variants undermine vaccines? Labs scramble to find out
    The new COVID-19 variants that have popped up in the United Kingdom and South Africa are the new obstacles to tackle in the pandemic. Will current vaccines be able to measure up against new strains? Scientists are seeking an...
    The Next Phase of Vaccination Will Be Even Harder
    Why has vaccine distribution fallen into disarray across the United States? Lack of funding and coordination between state and local governments has left citizens confused about their vaccination opportunities. What will come in year 2 of COVID-19?
    The Vaccine Is Not Coming Soon Enough for Nursing Homes
    Recent data has shown COVID-19 numbers are trending in the wrong directions for our populations at risk. With the vaccine soon to be rolled out, what needs to be considered in distribution as we look at the effects of...
    How Nanotechnology Helps mRNA Covid-19 Vaccines Work
    With news of the recent COVID19 vaccines in development, we look to some of the technologies that have enable us to crate innovative drugs and vaccines. Nanotechnology allows important necessary particles get where they need to go.
    ‘Nobody Sees Us’: Testing-Lab Workers Strain Under Demand
    Testing is essential to our fight against #COVID-19. Have you thought about those that give tests to millions of Americans daily? Testing teams are grappling with burnout as these surges approach. How can we consider this population in ethics?
    Pfizer says placebo patients will eventually get its Covid-19 vaccine. The question of when is complicated
    “Should patients who volunteer to be in Covid-19 vaccine studies, but who are assigned to get placebo, be offered the vaccine? As companies and regulators raced to start clinical trials in the summer, that question was left open…”
    ‘It will change everything’: DeepMind’s AI makes gigantic leap in solving protein structures
    Why is protein structure so important? A recent development with DeepMind AI has made history in determining a protein’s structure. What could this mean for future speed and discovery of drugs? What ethics has to be considered when using...
    After Admitting Mistake, AstraZeneca Faces Difficult Questions About Its Vaccine
    AstraZeneca recently disclosed a key mistake in their vaccine trials. How will this impact the trust and reliability of their results? What ethics needs to be considered regarding this mistake? Can these results now hold up with further testing?


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