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Be Wary What You Research: You Might Get Sued


by Craig M. Klugman, Ph.D.

Peter Cohen, Clayton Bloszies, Caleb Yee and Roy Gerona published an article in the journal Drug Testing and Analysis in April 2015 explaining the results of their testing of supplements. The researchers found that a compound, BPMEA, appeared in nearly half the supplement brands they examined and since neither the FDA (supplements are not currently under the purview of the FDA because they are not food products nor are they medications) nor the European Drug Agency has found BPMEA safe for human consumption, no one should purchase these supplements.…

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How Gene Editing Could Ruin Human Evolution Time

CRISPR may be used to repair a gene that has a deficient product, such as an enzyme or receptor, or alter code that merely suggests of risk. Ideas on how to use it change hourly. The method is here to last. The ethics will only get more fraught.

Successful Ebola vaccine will be fast-tracked for use BBC News

Trials conducted in Guinea, one of the West African countries most affected by an outbreak of Ebola that ended this year, show it offers 100% protection. The vaccine is now being fast-tracked for regulatory approval.

Thanks to AI, Computers Can Now See Your Health Problems Wired

Face2Gene takes advantage of the fact that so many genetic conditions have a tell-tale “face”—a unique constellation of features that can provide clues to a potential diagnosis. It is just one of several new technologies taking advantage of how quickly modern computers can analyze, sort, and find patterns across huge reams of data.

Capital Weather Gang U.S. posts second-warmest year on record, breadth of warmth ‘unparalleled’ Washington Post

Every single state and every single city in the Lower 48 states was warmer than normal in 2016.