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Secret Twin Experiments & 15 seconds of fame


by Craig Klugman, Ph.D.

On the advice of a family friend, I went to see the new documentary, Three Identical Strangers. All that I knew going into the story was that it was about a set of triplets, separated at birth who discover each other later in life. The first part of the film is about how they learned of each other. One ended up going to a small college where a second twin had been a student the previous year.…

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Please Don’t Take Prescription Drug Advice from Kim Kardashian Leapsmag

Legislators and patients often wonder why the cost of drugs in America is so high relative to the rest of the world. Well, one reason is the rest of the world does not tolerate direct-to-consumer ads aimed at ginning up demand when touted by actors, soap opera stars, sports stars, reality tv icons, quiz show hosts and others selling their fame so you will use a company’s drug.

Drug to Treat Smallpox Approved by F.D.A., a Move Against Bioterrorism The New York Times

The Food and Drug Administration on Friday approved the first drug intended to treat smallpox — a move that could halt a lethal pandemic if the virus were to be released as a terrorist bioweapon or through a laboratory accident.

Pfizer buckles under pressure from Trump, delays drug price increases The Washington Post

Pfizer chief executive Ian Read said late Tuesday that his company would delay increasing the prices of dozens of drug products after President Trump publicly berated the firm one day earlier.

What are “predatory” academic journals? The Economist

In recent years, however, this practice of appraising researchers by counting their publications has become problematic. This is because an astonishing number of journals that bill themselves as “peer-reviewed” do not, in fact, take the trouble to be so. A tally of journals that an American analytics firm, Cabells, believes to falsely claim to peer-review submissions, amounted, on a recent day, to 8,699—more than double the number of a year ago. A blacklist compiled by other experts is even longer.