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When Pigs Fly
Arthur Caplan

by Arthur Caplan, Ph.D. Researchers at Yale University recently reported an experiment in which they used an experimental chemical solution to create electrical activity in the cells of pig brains, brains obtained from a slaughterhouse four hours after the death of the animals from decapitation (NY Times ‘Partly Alive’: Scientists Revive Cells in Brains From Dead Pigs, 4/17,19).  These results led to all manner of comments in this story, many from bioethicists and in stories elsewhere. …

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A Film Review – I AM MARIS: Portrait of a Young Yogi
September Williams, MD

Managing Anorexia Nervosa by Her Own Hand by September Williams, MD  “You are only as sick as the secrets you keep.” It’s a saying used in a wide variety of mental health self-help communities. The phrase is also the apt tag line for Laura VanZee Taylor’s profoundly emotive feature length 2018 documentary film, I AM MARIS (IAM). Taylor along with producer Ariana Garfinkeland— most importantly— the film’s artist-writer-protagonist Maris Degener, document the perpetual state of recovery required to quell manifestations of mental illness.

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Going to the Doctor While Fat

by Keisha Ray, Ph.D. A sudden and rapid weight gain of 15 pounds over the span of two weeks, despite exercising almost daily and following a nutritionist approved diet sent me to a primary care physician. I have been fat...
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BioethicsTV (March 11-22, 2019): #TheResident, #GreysAnatomy

The Resident (Season 2; Episode 17) Austin’s mentor, Abe, may have been shot in the chest. If he is saved, he may be able to identify who did it (or did he try suicide?). A second patient is Evan, an...
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Serious Ethical Violations by Physicians: What’s the Solution?

Through special arrangement with Taylor & Francis, AJOB posts its editorials on This essay and the articles it references are also available on the publisher website. by Ross E. McKinney These are trying times in regard to public trust. In...
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BioethicsTV (November 5-9): #TheResident, #TheGoodDoctor, #ChicagoMed

by Craig Klugman, Ph.D. Jump to The Resident (Season 2: Episode 7): Phase 1 testing; Bad devices; Jump to The Good Doctor (Season 2; Episode 6): Patient stories vs. scans; emotional...
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Stanford Clears Professor of Helping With Gene-Edited Babies Experiment
Stanford University has cleared Stephen Quake, a bioengineering professor, of any wrongdoing in his interactions with a Chinese researcher who roiled the scientific world by creating the first gene-edited babies.
Parents of 3 NYC children face $1,000 penalty for violating measles order
New York City health officials issued summonses to parents of three children Thursday for failing to have their children vaccinated against measles, a violation of the city’s emergency ordermandating immunizations to control a surging outbreak.
Chinese scientists have put human brain genes in monkeys—and yes, they may be smarter
Scientists in southern China report that they’ve tried to narrow the evolutionary gap, creating several transgenic macaque monkeys with extra copies of a human gene suspected of playing a role in shaping human intelligence.
Dr. de Blasio’s timely prescription: He and his health officials are right to demand vaccinations in the throes of...
Measles has been much in the news lately, and rightly so. New York is one of the epicenters of a growing epidemic that poses a serious threat. There have been 285 confirmed...
As Ebola Cases Rise in Congo, the W.H.O. Declines to Issue Emergency Declaration
Despite a worsening Ebola epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the World Health Organization on Friday again decided not to declare the outbreak a global health emergency. While expressing “deep concern” about the number of...
Adopt a moratorium on heritable genome editing
We call for a global moratorium on all clinical uses of human germline editing — that is, changing heritable DNA (in sperm, eggs or embryos) to make genetically modified children. By ‘global moratorium’, we do not mean a permanent ban....
Gene-Edited Babies: What a Chinese Scientist Told an American Mentor
When and where should scientists report controversial research ideas that colleagues share with them in confidence? Have scientists acted inappropriately if they provide conventional research advice to someone conducting an unorthodox experiment?
A new lawsuit involving Stanford and Sequoia Capital highlights fights to come over cell-free DNA testing
Publicly traded transplant diagnostics company called CareDx, along with Stanford University, sued another publicly traded genetic testing company, Natera, for patent infringement. Much appears to be at stake, and it all centers on cell-free DNA testing, a type of...
A.I. Is Changing Insurance
See the latest NYTimes piece about the way that artificial intelligence is changing the health insurance industry
CRISPR yields new potential “bubble boy” gene therapy
About 1 in 50,000 baby boys are born with no immune cells — they have no way to molecularly protect themselves. The disease, called X-linked severe combined immunodeficiency, or SCID-X1, is more commonly known as the “bubble boy” disease...
Years after an experimental stem cell therapy blinded patients, the FDA is still trying to stop it
The Food and Drug Administration promised yesterday to heighten oversight of providers of experimental stem cell treatments, as a Post report detailed the agency’s slow response to a leading stem cell company whose treatments blinded some patients.


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