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Why The “Heard Mentality” Approach Only Increases Suffering
Craig Klugman

by Craig Klugman, Ph.D In the last few weeks, you may have heard from central and left-leaning media that Scott Atlas, a radiologist who appears to be leading White House COVID policy, has managed to make “herd immunity” the official federal response to COVID-19. If you prefer right-leaning media, then you may have heard of the Great Barrington Declaration, an international document led by three scientists that urges against lock downs, quarantine, and isolation, and instead suggests letting young people get COVID to help build herd immunity.…

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COVID-19 Pandemic Imposes Clear End-Of-Life Decisions Criteria
Blog Editor

by Carlo Bellieni, MD During the COVID-19 pandemic, end-of-life decision criteria for dying patients were the focus of much discussion he course of the disease has led to the overload of ICU services in many places around the world, and those presenting to ICU with COVID-19 are the most severe cases and much more likely to die in ICU. Many discussions have been carried on about when withholding intensive care to people with severe COVID19 infections, and in particular which  patients would receive the access to cures in the case of lack of sufficient tools for life-support. …

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  • AJOB Webinar
    BioethicsTV (October 27-November 1, 2019): #NewAmsterdam; #ChicagoMed

    by Craig Klugman, Ph.D. New Amsterdam (Season 2: Episode 6): Lying; Inherent bias; Chicago Med (Season 5; Episode 6): Excusing battery; Jehovah’s Witness and blood transfusion; Be yourself or maintain health New Amsterdam (Season 2: Episode 6): Lying;...
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    Principles of Biomedical Ethics: Marking Its Fortieth Anniversary

    You can read this editorial and other articles in this month's issue of The American Journal of Bioethics. by Tom Beauchamp, Ph.D. & James Childress, Ph.D. We are pleased to join the editors of AJOB in marking the 40th anniversary...
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    BioethicsTV (October 21-26, 2019): #NewAmsterdam #ChicagoMed

    New Amsterdam (Season 2; Episode 5): Inconstant insurance policies; Negotiating with patients; Chicago Med (Season 5; Episode 5): Battery; Broken Promises by Craig Klugman, Ph.D. New Amsterdam (Season 2; Episode 5): Inconstant insurance policies; Negotiating with patients Two sisters, Jasmine...
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    Fox, Bosk, and Rothman: An Appreciation of Three Scholars of Medicine
    “With all of the tumult surrounding the coronavirus, few people likely noticed that three important figures in bioethics recently died within a month of one another. But us, the deaths of Renée Fox, Charles Bosk, and David Rothman were...
    Amid the Pandemic and Racial Injustice, Greater Empathy in Medical School
    “The issue of physician burnout pervades not just medical training but also the years after…this chronic erosion of empathy has resulted in the attitude that apathy is not just tolerated but, in some cases, even justified.” Here, empathy is...
    Can You Handle Herd Immunity? Ask These Philosophers
    What needs to be considered as some governments move towards a “herd immunity approach? What does it mean to have “herd immunity”? How would this affect the population and the future of the pandemic? Here, in this Washington...
    Most US home health aides ‘can’t afford not to work’ – even without PPE
    Home health aides during COVID-19 help to keep the most vulnerable patients out of the hospital. Yet, this population of workers has been largely overlooked. Health aides struggle to receive PPE and have not been compensated well for their...
    Pfizer won’t apply for Covid-19 vaccine authorization before mid-November, CEO confirms
    Vaccine development is in contention within the United States, navigating the progress of clinical research and pressures for development from the federal government. Pfizer has announced that the goal is to ask for emergency use in November.
    AI Can Help Diagnose Some Illnesses—If Your Country Is Rich
    “AI promises to expertly diagnose disease in medical images and scans. However, a close look…suggests these powerful new tools may perpetuate health inequalities.” How can we train algorithms to work for all patients regardless of origin? Many tools are...
    AI is about to face a major test: Can it differentiate Covid-19 from flu?
    Can AI help doctors differentiate between COVID-19 and the regular flu? What information would the technology need and where should we draw those boundaries? Some models are showing promise by sifting through common health data.
    From a small town in North Carolina to big-city hospitals, how software infuses racism into U.S. health care
    “In health care, a new force is redrawing barriers: algorithms that blindly soak up and perpetuate historical imbalances in access to medical resources.” Investigations reveal algorithms commonly inject racial bias into decisions for vulnerable areas. How can we better...
    COVID-19 vaccines: how to ensure Africa has access
    Once a vaccine is developed and efficacious, how do we get the vaccine to those in need? This effort relies on the COVID-19 Vaccine Global Access (COVAX) initiative which the U.S is not involved in. How can COVAX help...
    Getting Health Care Was Already Tough In Rural Areas. The Pandemic Has Made It Worse
    Before the pandemic hit, the medical workforce in rural areas was on the decline. As COVID-19 continues to affect the U.S, this disparity for rural healthcare continues to increase. How do we ensure healthcare access to rural areas? The...
    COVId-19 long haulers experience hidden disabilities
    What does it mean to be disabled? What does it mean to be vulnerable? Hidden disabilities such as those that do not involve mobility are often overlooked in accommodations and social support? How has COVID-19 changed this? Definitions of...
    To maintain trust and respectability, digital health companies must commit to the highest standards
    “Digital health companies are making broad promises about immediacy, universal access, affordability, early detection and intervention, treating the untreated, overcoming the social determinants that have been barriers to good health.” Moving forward, it is essential to argue for adherence...



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