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Take Two Aspirin and Let Me Tell You What I Think About the Affordable Care Act

by Kayhan Parsi, JD, PhD

I recently saw a subspecialist for a medical procedure.  I had never met this physician before so as he sat down to review what was going on in the monitor in front of him, the first thing he asked me was what I did for a living.  I promptly informed him that I was a bioethics professor at Loyola University Chicago.  This immediately piqued his interest.  He asked me what this entailed, and I told him that I taught graduate and medical students, did ethics consultations, did my own research and writing, gave presentations, etc.  When I told him about the big topics of our field (e.g.…

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Purchasing Health Insurance as a Civic Duty

by Kayhan Parsi, JD, PhD

Every fall, I co-teach a course on justice and health care.  In this course, my students and I discuss various theories of justice, examine different health systems, and reflect on what kind of society we live in.  When we come to the issue of health care reform in the United States, I try to impart a long, historical view.  I remind my students that attempts at providing universal health care access date back to the administration of Theodore Roosevelt over a century ago.  Similar attempts were thwarted under the administrations of FDR and Truman.  Not until LBJ did we finally achieve a watershed moment in US history—the creation of Medicare and Medicaid that has been a safety net for literally millions of seniors, people with disabilities, and indigent women and children.  …

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Palliative care’s role grows in solving end-of-life conflicts

I was recently quoted in an American Medical News article about the growth of palliative care services and their relationship to ethics consultation service. In this article, Kevin O’Reilly does a nice job of highlighting the relationship between palliative care services and ethics consultation services.  I state in the article that the relationship is “almost […]

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A Tale of Two (or Three) States

Kayhan Parsi, JD, PhD

I recently learned that my home state of Texas has refused to participate in Medicaid expansion that is part and parcel of the Affordable Care Act. When I first heard this news on NPR, I nearly gasped in disbelief.  Gov. Perry and the Texas legislature will walk away from $100 billion of federal money to help the state’s poor, elderly and disabled.  Wade Goodwyn, the NPR reporter for this piece, went so far as to state that “Texas Republicans have moved steadily to the right — to where the very concept of public health insurance of any kind is looked at through narrowed eyes.”  The public perception of Medicaid is that it primarily covers the poorest of the poor adults. …

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