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Louis Nikolis is a fourth-year medical student at the Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine, who will be applying for a residency in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R).  During his free time, he enjoys playing basketball, traveling, writing, and practicing yoga.

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Pediatrics, the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, has a special August 2020 issue on "Defining Moments in Pediatric Bioethics: Future Insights From Past Controversies." This is a terrific collection by some of the best pediatric bioethicists.

Introduction: Defining Cases in Pediatric Bioethics
Aaron Wightman, Douglas Diekema

The Hopkins Mongol Case": The Dawn of the Bioethics Movement
Norman Fost

Who Is the Next “Baby Doe?” From Trisomy 21 to Trisomy 13 and 18 and Beyond
Jennifer C. Kett

Uncertainty: An Uncomfortable Companion to Decision-making for Infants
Jeanne A. Krick, Jacob S. Hogue, Tyler R. Reese, Matthew A. Studer

Adolescent Brain Development and Medical Decision-making
Douglas S. Diekema

When Does A Minor’s Legal Competence To Make Health Care Decisions Matter?
Lois A. Weithorn

Ethical Issues Raised by the Media Portrayal of Adolescent Transplant Refusals
Lainie Friedman Ross

An Organ for My Child: Public Appeals for Limited Resources
Aaron Wightman, Michael Freeman

Public Appeals Challenging Criteria for Pediatric Organ Transplantation
Aviva M. Goldberg

The Charlie Gard Case, and the Ethics of Obstructing International Transfer of Seriously Ill Children
Dominic Wilkinson

Reflections on Charlie Gard and the Best Interests Standard From Both Sides of the Atlantic Ocean
Lainie Friedman Ross

The Suffering Child: Claims of Suffering in Seminal Cases and What To Do About Them
Annie B. Friedrich

Pediatric Suffering and the Burden of Proof
Tyler Tate

Defining Death: Lessons From the Case of Jahi McMath
Robert D. Truog

Jahi McMath: Lessons Learned
Maya Scott

Ferguson v. City of Charleston Redux: Motivated Reasoning and Coercive Interventions in Pregnancy
Mary Faith Marshall, Julia Taylor, Debra DeBruin

Protection Versus Progress: The Challenge of Research on Cannabis Use During Pregnancy
Katherine E. MacDuffie, Natalia M. Kleinhans, Kaeley Stout, Benjamin S. Wilfond

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JAMA has just published the most comprehensive review of brain death ever. I am delighted to have been a small part of it.  The World Brain Death Project was undertaken to establish minimum standards for diagnosing brain death/death by neurologic...

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08/03/2020 The Old Guard
In an effort to disconnect from the craziness of life, I recently watched “The Old Guard,” a popular 2020 Netflix movie.  [Note:  spoiler alerts ahead.]  It tells the story of four “immortals,” led by Andromache of Scythia (also known as “Andy,” portrayed by Charlize Theron), and the ups and downs of their existence.   As we are introduced …

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Police consider tear gas, stun guns, and other "less-lethal" weapons essential to public safety. But, too often, it’s their use that threatens safety. It’s time to explore medicine’s complicity in perpetuating brutality that disproportionately impacts nonwhite communities, especially Black Americans.

The post When Less-Lethal Weapons Are Lethal: Medicine’s Role in Police Brutality appeared first on The Hastings Center.

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By Dominic Wilkinson @Neonatalethics and Michael Dunn @ethical_mikey In a high court case reported last week, a judge strongly criticised a London hospital’s clinical ethics committee (CEC). The case related to disputed treatment for a gravely ill nine-year old child. There had been a breakdown in the relationship between the clinical team and the child’s […]

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My entry on Jack Kevorkian will soon go live at American National Biography. ANB is a powerful research tool from Oxford University Press that contains over 19,000 biographies of significant, influential, or notorious figures from American histo...

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The NIH Human Fetal Tissue Research Ethics Advisory Board met on 31 July 2020 to “make recommendations regarding the ethics of research involving human fetal tissue (HFT) proposed in NIH grant and cooperative agreement applications and R&D contract proposals, as set forth in the NIH Guide Notice NOT-OD-19-128.” The meeting agenda included a brief time …

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Today, August 1, 2020, is the one-year anniversary of the New Jersey Medical Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act.

Compassion & Choices reports that 42 large medical centers, hospitals, and hospices across the state have adopted policies allowing their doctors to offer MAID to terminally ill patients who request it.

The New Jersey Hospital Association has a implementation toolkit hereCompassion & Choices has a free online “Find Care” tool that enables New Jerseyans to find the nearest healthcare facility with this patient-supportive policy. 

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Personal ventilators used by people with disabilities should not reallocated to people with Covid-19. Triage protocols should be immediately clarified and explicitly state that personal ventilators will be protected in all cases.

The post Against Personal Ventilator Reallocation appeared first on The Hastings Center.

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